Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brooks goes to Gymnastics

I took Brooks for a trial gymnastics class today, and he loved it. He jumped right out there when they called his name and never looked back. The reason I took him was a few weeks ago we went to a birthday party at the Cypress Academy and the boys had a blast. Since then, Brooks has been asking to go back. I thought it would be something fun for him to do. It is going to be good for him. He has to listen and follow instructions. He also has to learn to wait in line for his turn. He is not really that patient, I wonder where he gets that from. So I signed him up and we go on Thursdays at 10:15.

My hubby is gone again. It is okay though. He is getting a well deserved vacation. He is headed to Kansas and then Missouri. He is going with his friend Jaime Carty. They are so excited! It is so cute to see him all wound up ready to go kill a deer. He and Jaime have talked a hundred times during the passed few days. They have "buck fever" really bad! I hope they both get a big one.

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