Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alarm Malfunction

Chris is out of town and in a tree somewhere so he cannot talk. I have to email him or text him if I want to talk to him. He texted me at 5 something this morning to see if we were okay because the alarm company had left him a message. So here is the email I sent him this morning:

Well, honey here are the lovely details of my fun night. At 11:30 it started storming and the alarm went off. I had it set to beep first before it immediately goes off, but it didnt do that, it just went off. I got up and checked it out, Jax was crying. The alarm company called and wanted the pass code and to see if everything was okay. Apparently I don't know the pass code. I rambled off several numbers I thought it could be. So now I am scared and I reset the alarm. It goes off again in about a minute. They call me back. She said it must be the storm and I said okay. I go get back in bed and the alarm beeped like someone opened the door. I get up terrified and go to the alarm and it has some kind of function code. I called the lady back that called me and she said to alarm and disarm it and start over. I did and that fixed it. I turn the alarm back on and go get in bed. I am laying there so awake and scared. I was just laying there looking around. Then I see a flashlight shining in our bathroom window. Nice, then I see someone is shining the light all around our bedroom and back porch. It was thundering and lightening but there was no doubt it was a flashlight. I looked out the window and saw a lady in black with a flashlight looking all over our yard and porch. I got my glasses on and saw that it was a police officer. I run to the front door and look outside and there are 4 police cars in front of the house. I am in my pjs but I really didn't care at this point. I opened the front door, it is pouring down rain, and I say "hello, hello" and then they come walking to the door. They asked if my alarm was set off and I tell them what happened. They said they get a lot of calls like that when it is storming. The male officer said not to be worried that it is very safe in this neighborhood. Well, I didn't feel very safe at the moment. I set the alarm back and go to bed, and 20 minutes later it goes off again. It didn't beep first it just went off so I turned the damn thing off. The lady calls me back and suggests I call ASG security tomorrow. Yeah you think!

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