Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My day of rest

Today was going to be mostly a resting day for me. What was I thinking? I was busy all day, but the laundry is all finished and put away...........until tomorrow. I got a lot done, and I had a lot of one on one time with Brooks too. I even got my exercise in. Ivy's sister wanted to start jogging with me, so we get the kids on their bikes and take off. It is fun. Jax had two bike wrecks, nothing major, only because he was running his mouth instead of making sure he stayed on the sidewalk.

There isn't anything really exciting going on around here, but I did want to tell those of you with young school age kids about a website my friend told me about. It is and it is an awesome website to help them learn. There are things for Jax and Brooks on there and they love it. Check it out!

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