Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jax the videographer

Every once in a while Jax will ask me if he can get the video camera out and make a movie. I totally let him because I get the most precious things that way. He takes off with the camera and then we watch it later. It is so funny. He says "action" and "cut" and I don't know where he learned that, but it is cute. So anyway, I went outside to water and clean up the back patio. When I came back in they wanted to watch it on the big tv. I plugged it up and we started watching. It is so funny, Jax coaches Brooks and Ivy just like we do them. Jax was asking Ivy questions. One question was "who do you love?" She said my mom and my dad and your mom. It was so sweet. Anyway, Jax's movie was great until Brooks got completely naked. Typical. He was really, really shaking it for the camera. I tried not to laugh but couldn't help myself. They didn't notice my laughing because they were laughing so loud. I will be keeping that video for future blackmail. I did explain to him that that was very inappropriate and I hope he got the message. I really think that I keep a pretty close eye on them, but when we watch back Jax's video's each time I find them doing something I was unaware of. Kind of scary!!!

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