Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, Chris has been gone 16 days. The good news, I survived. I am tired but I survived. Okay, he is on a plane right now flying to XNA. He is staying the night at the farm and will head home tomorrow. The coast is clear for me to let you all in on the surprise projects I have done while he has been gone. He will not have any internet available until he gets home. I decided I was going to work out every day he was gone. By working out, I have an overflow of energy and decided to tackle some major projects. The first one was cleaning out the garage and putting a decorative and durable epoxy finish on the floor. Here are several pictures:

close up before:

close up after:

My other project was staining the back porch with a semi transparent concrete stain.

I hung some curtains and did some furniture rearranging too. I know he is going to be so shocked. The boys and I are so ready for him to get home. He has been gone way too long, but the good news is the long sales meeting is done until next year.

Also, today was my first parent teacher conference. It went great. She said his test shows him way above where they want them to be and he is one of her best students. I am glad that I got a good report, you never know. I have to start working more with Brooks. He is learning but really is not very interested. He just wants to watch hunting videos, act out the hunting videos, hunt the neighbor children, or play hunting on the wii. Hmmm, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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