Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Jax got game"

Tonight Jax had basketball practice. Right off the bat he and his line won the dribbling drill. It is like it fueled his confidence and he ended up having an awesome practice. He looked like a different kid. I can't even explain it. He was hustling and had a smile on his face the entire time. His smile in turn made me smile for the whole hour. He made like 3 baskets while they scrimmaged. They kind of let him shoot but he did make them. He was skipping around and I was thrilled. The only sad thing is Chris missed it. He had Realtree meetings with Academy today, so he was with them all day. He still isn't home. They all met and went to "The Boat" for dinner. I am sure they are having a scrumptious meal. I should have put in an order for a late night snack. Oh well, I don't need the extra calories with this vacation coming up.

Got to get off here and watch DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!! I wonder who is going to win.................................

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