Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cowboy Brooks & Hunter Jax

Here are my little guys on Halloween. They had fun wearing their costumes and trick or treating at a few select places, but they wear these outfits all of the time. We had great "double duty" on costumes this year.

We have been really busy working around the house. We got the boys new bedding and new bedding for the guest bedroom. It really looks cool. It is camo from John Marshall, one of companies Chris sells for. So I have been trying to decorate and shop for both of the bathrooms too. Thank goodness for target. They have a lot of bathroom rugs and stuff that coordinates with the two different camo's we chose.

Anyway, Congrats Heather. Send me some pictures of Cooper when you get them.

I am trying to get focused on Christmas shopping but it is hard this year. I need to get going. I think we are going to put our tree up today. We left it in the garage instead of putting it in the attic because it wouldn't be long before we needed it. I think maybe with the tree up I will be able to focus. I don't know though, I was sweating outside yesterday, that is not too Christmas like!!!!

Over and Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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