Sunday, July 17, 2011


Seems like the last week and a half has been full of little blessings that make me smile!

Last weekend we had lots of company. Justin and Allison and kids came over Saturday night. We cooked a great dinner and stayed up until 2 A.M. playing poker and playing music from the 90's! It was a blast!

Sunday afternoon they came back and the Stout's came over. Matt got us a pool with his discount AND delivered AND helped set it up! For that gesture, we fed his family, very well!

Justin loves to cook, so he went to the store and cooked us up a feast! We had crab legs on the grill, pork chops, boudin, deer burgers, corn on the grill and TONS of stuff to go with it! Rabbits have eaten EVERY single bud off of my watermelon and cantaloupe since I planted them! Somehow, finally, 2 survived! Jax and I are incredibly excited about it!

This may seem weird to some, but not only did I get the pressure sprayer that I have always wanted, but Chris got the chainsaw he has always wanted! I also got 10% off of them both for being honest! The manager saw my loaded cart at the checkout and said he would help me out to the truck. When the girl at the checkout gave me my total I told her that it was way off. I told her she must have forgotten something! I saw her scan the pressure sprayer but it must not have registered because it was not on the total. The manager said to give me 10% off for being honest! Yeah! Then we all got to work, big time! The kids didn't even fight one time while helping! That is a blessing right there!

We even gave the dogs baths and haircuts! That saved a bunch of $$$$$$!!!!!
(There were no extra hands for taking a picture of Brinklee, sorry)

Last but not least, our "air conditioner blessing!" Let me tell you, I was angry, but blessed!

So we got a "home warranty" when we bought out house! They act like it is some great thing! NO, it is worthless! Completely worthless! (I just hit that exclamation point really hard. I must still have some real pent up anger toward this!)

One of our outside air units went out and I called our "home warranty" people. They scheduled for THEIR guy to come look at it. I don't even get to pick my repair company?!?! That is a crock right there. So the guy immediately got the air back on. He said he replaced the capacitor but it wouldn't last very long. Maybe only hours, the unit was stressed and I needed a new one. He said it would be 1650.00 for the cheapest unit. Well, I called the air company's office to find out what the total cost is. They couldn't tell me right away. Finally, they said my portion is 1650.00 and the warranty is paying 1800.00. Something seemed fishy to me. I got online to try to get an idea of what it should cost. Sure enough it was high. Our friend Justin said to call one of his friends that has his own heat/air business. The guy even lives in our neighborhood. So he stopped by on his way home and told us the unit was completely fine. He said that capacitors go out all the time and it may run for 5 more years. He said that if it does go out he can replace it with a better unit than I was quoted and for only 1500.00! He wouldn't even let us pay him for stopping by! I just can't help but think about how many people get ripped off this way! Especially, desperate for air conditioning!

Oh, I know I am leaving out several things, but I did just remember one more! HEB had my favorite pears for 5 pounds for 5 dollars! :) :) :)

On the downside, my girls weekend got cancelled, cough, cough, rescheduled! Right????

Oh, and my kids are fighting like crazy! And Brinklee is NOT potty trained!

The good definitely outweighs the bad though!

Have a blessed week everyone!!!!!

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SheWolf said...

Yeah for blessings! Thanks for all the love on the house! I want some gardening tips for next year--we would love to do one at our house too. Yours has looked so good!
PS What did you get to keep the deer out of your plants/flowers? They are getting SO close to the house that I know my landscaping will take a beating soon!