Saturday, October 23, 2010


All you have to say is, "Wanna go to school" and Camo is ready to go get his buddies. He looks at all of the kids trying to find Jax and Brooks. It is so cute!

I took the boys to the Family Fun Night Festival at their school last night. It was so much fun. It just warmed my heart to see the boys with all of their new friends. They have settled in to their new school so well. I got to talk to Brooks' teacher a little. She said Brooks and Stran (his friend that he talks about all the time) are attached at the hip. She said she finally gave in and set them next to each other because they ended up migrating toward each other anyway during the day. She said it was okay because they are both good boys!

Now we are off to the Raingutter Regatta race for Cub Scouts. Jax and Chris built his boat and painted it and the race is today!

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