Monday, October 18, 2010

ENT follow up

So, I had sinus surgery last week, and today was my follow up. We all knew going into surgery that I had a huge polyp filling my left maxillary sinus. While he was in there Doc was going to remove some scar tissue from the other side, that was a result of Dr. Gwartney (ft.smith) pulling a huge polyp out during an office visit 3 years ago. Well, apparently when you just pull them out you don't get it out completely. So during surgery, as Doc went in to remove scar tissue he found that the previous polyp had grown back and was about to block my airway again. So, I had big polyps in both sides, but thankfully they are gone now.

My new doc was so shocked and amazed that Dr. Gwartney hadn't sent my previous polyp to pathology, that I had to call and double check. The nurse confirmed that he hadn't. My new doc said you ALWAYS send them off. He kept on about that being common procedure and that he would never pull one out in the office. Well, I just looked at him like huh, okay, whatever. I am not the dr.????? Call him and talk to him about it???? He did give me the whole spill about it might not be a polyp, it could be a tumor, and if it is a tumor, chances are it is only a tumor, and that 9 out of 10 times nasal tumors are not cancer. I wasn't really worried about it, but was glad to hear that both polyps came back benign. Praise God!

So I am glad it is over and so very thankful that the surgery was no big deal at all. I wasn't the slightest bit sick or nauseous. I usually get really sick, but I was good to go after I woke up.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that my surgery was last Monday. The kids were out of school, so they had to go. The boys were both back with me when they started my IV. I didn't even think about it. I was just going to let them watch. It wasn't a big deal for me. While they were putting it in, Brooks had to look away. He used every bit of strength he had to not cry. I about lost it, as he bit his lip to fight back the tears. He really is so sensitive. I don't like to see my boys cry, but it was kind of sweet. He didn't want them to hurt his mama!

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