Sunday, July 11, 2010

Puppy Love Part II

Well, Camo is doing great. The boys are so protective. They totally crack us up. They worry about him getting hurt, running away, being hungry, etc. The weird thing is, he likes to go out of our yard to poop! He can fit through our iron fence, so he goes poop and comes back. I guess that is good, but the boys are always worried that he is going to run away. He doesn't though. That is one very positive thing, he has never just run off. So great! He slept all night the first couple of nights, but now he is not. We have been getting up a couple times at night for him to potty. It is like a newborn all over again. It will pass though, and he will be sleeping all night. Jax cannot wait for Camo to sleep with him. So all in all, Camo has been really great. We all love him.

He had his first vet visit this week. He only weighed 5.5 lbs. He is all hair. Everything checked out great and the vet loved him and asked if he could keep him. Not a chance. The boys spoke up with a big "NO" on that one.

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SheWolf said...

He's so cute! I feel the newborn pain--Landen STILL gets up...and he's 9 months. :)