Friday, July 30, 2010

Closing Day

Today was quite a relief. We have been working 5 long days moving out of our old house and into a rent house half the size of what we had. I am exhausted! I can barely think. Everywhere I look there are boxes and piles of stuff that I have to put somewhere. I can take my time though, getting out of the old house by today was about all of the pressure I need for awhile. I'll post some pictures of the new place soon.

I did take a couple hours on Tuesday and took Brooks for his follow up at the ENT Dr. Everything checked out perfect, his hearing is back to normal in both ears. Yeah!!

One more thing, Camo learned to shake! I have been trying to teach him for awhile and today he did it. It is so cute how he puts his little paw up. It made me happy!

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Stacy Carter said...

Yea you! Yea Brooks! Yea Camo! Relax now and be so thankful you sold that house!!!