Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting Day

So I have this long on-going patio project! I have known in my mind what I wanted to do but could not rush it. I had to wait on goodwill and craigslist to have what I need. I sure didn't want to spend a lot of money because I still want to move and who knows what I will want or need then. Anyway, I got a bench and a wicker chair and today was the day to paint. It was beautiful and sunny with no chance of rain!

The boys helped me sand, primer, and paint the bench and they helped me spray paint the wicker chair and footstool. I really did get a lot of help from them. They for sure made a mess of everything, including themselves, but were really helpful to me. As you can see, Brooks "accidentally" spray painted Jax's face! Brooks was under the bench painting when Jax splattered paint in his eye. He said, "it burns, it burns, what do I do?" I told him that his eyes will water and the tears will wash it out. He said, "what if I am too tough to cry, then what?" Nice!

I ordered the canvas for my curtains while I was in Florida. It was waiting on me when I got home and I made 6 panels and got them hung right away. I should say, Chris and I got them hung right away. He was so good to help me hang the curtain rods and put up the curtains! He is the best! Anyway, we LOVE them!!! Sam's had a really nice outdoor firepit on clearance, it was the display. I got the manager to give me an extra 20 off because it had a chip out of the fake stone! Hey, who cares, with two boys everything is eventually a second or a third! I also found a rug today that I like, so it is starting to come together. I am still waiting for Garden Ridge to get the rest of their outdoor cushions in. They usually have about 20 different colors to choose from but only have about 6 so far, and they aren't the colors that I am looking for. I am waiting....patiently. Hopefully I will be finished soon and I will post some pictures!

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Mom2Three said...

Jenn, your killin me! Can't wait to see it, it sounds so great!!! I want to do the canvas drapes so bad !!