Monday, January 11, 2010


I was getting the guest bedroom ready for Cody, a guy that works with Chris, when I found it. Yes, I found it!!! I had washed the sheets and was making the bed when I kicked something under the bed. It was a gun box. For some reason Chris is saving some gun and bow boxes under the bed, I guess in case we need to ship something sometime. Anyway, I was going to straighten them a little because I also store some big floor cushions under there and the kids had been playing with them and I was about to put them up. I got down on my knees and looked under the bed and I saw it!!!! We lost it about 6 months ago and I had searched the house up and down on two different occasions. I just knew that it was here somewhere, but the last time we saw it was coming home from Arkansas and we just concluded that it must have gotten kicked out at a gas station somewhere. So, it was Brooks' and he was devastated so we gave it a couple months and then we bought him a new one for his birthday in September! I still cannot believe that we found it. He gave his new one to his daddy and his daddy is so happy! He can entertain himself on plane rides now!! So what did we find?????






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Stacy Carter said...

Crazy!!! That stuff happens to us all the time! Glad you found it.