Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holidays in Tampa

I guess you probably are wondering if we had a good Christmas and a happy new year? Well, yes we did!! Unfortunately, I only have two pictures to prove it. From my blackberry! What a shame. I always get mad at myself for not taking lots of pictures, but I am going to say I was too busy having a good time. I think my mom took some, so maybe she will send them to me....wink, wink!

We did a lot of eating and played A LOT of poker. Oh, and exercised some and chased kids quite a bit too. I have to say, it was wild and crazy with all four boys under one roof! It was quite cold about half the time we were in Tampa! We managed to keep them somewhat entertained though.

I have to mention how proud of Jax I was. We went one night to hand out sleeping bags, blankets, backpacks and toiletries to the homeless. My Mom, Dad, Jeff and Jami had done a BBQ fundraiser a few months ago and raised money to buy those items. So Mom, Dad, Jami, Jax and I went to hand them out. My SHY Jax stepped up and wanted a job. He was put on toiletries duty. He handed out big Ziplocs and didn't want any help. I so wish I had a picture, but it just wasn't appropriate. He enjoyed it so much that he was asking to go back and help with the dinners that they do on Monday nights. It was a real blessing!!!!

Luke and Lane are just so precious. Lane wouldn't let me take his picture but I got one of Luke. Luke is...........well, I really don't think I can quite describe him. He is just a mixture of ornery and sweet. I was cutting his hair on the back porch, just the two of us, and I was right up in his face cutting the front of his hair and he looked up at me and said "Aunt Jenn, I,I,I,I love you, I do!" It was soooooo sweet and in the sweetest little voice. I about cried! I can still hear him saying it! He is only 2 (almost three) but he really meant it and knew what he was saying! So precious.

Oh, there is a picture of Lane sitting by Uncle Chris. That little stinker didn't want his picture taken but joke is on him. Got one!

We had Christmas at home a few days early because we were leaving for Florida. We did a scavenger hunt with the presents. The boys were so cute but my video was not. Horrible. It was so dark that half the time you cannot see their faces. Sorry, I would have shared!!

We have been home a few days now and all is back on track. The laundry is done, stocked up on groceries and Jax went back to school today.