Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's make silly putty!!!

We did make time in our day to make silly putty! We ran some errands with our neighbors, Heather, Brooke and Hunter. Then had some lunch at Chili's. On the way home the kids begged to play together so we headed to our house. Of course, they all wanted to make silly putty. So here we are with the 3 ingredients.

The kids mixed their own custom colors with food coloring:

Mixing together the two ingredients, then waiting the FOREVER 5 minutes! Kids are sooooo impatient.
Then knead the slime together until it turns into silly putty and as you see we stored it in the little egg like things we get at HEB. (A little prize thing for the kids)
And if your Brooks, you throw yours on the ceiling!! Nice!!

Brooke and Jax

Hunter and Brooks

NO crafts tomorrow. We are taking the kids to Schlitterbahn water park in Galveston!! I am not sure who will have the most fun, hmmm yeah I am, me!!!

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