Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, the whole dog this is going pretty good. It has been a lot of work on my part. He has had 5 baths in 2 days because I think he stinks. I have pretty much concluded that dogs smell like dogs and I can't wash it off. So, really he is great. I just watch his every move so that we don't have any accidents. He does potty in his crate at night and when we leave him during the day but I can handle that.

We put him in the crate at night and he doesn't make a peep. Seriously, Brooks got up at 7:00 this morning and got his milk out of the refrigerator and he didn't make a sound. Brooks came to ask me if he could let him out because he was awake. The main thing Chris and I were worried about was him whining all night.

The boys absolutely love him and play with him a lot. He has picked his family favorite, and that would be me. He follows me around everywhere I go and has to be sitting right next to me in my chair. He knows who takes care of him.

So the moral to this story is "I think he is a keeper!"

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