Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner was a BOMB!!

Occasionally I make dinner and wonder why I bothered. Tonight was one of those nights. It all started with watching Rachael Ray and the guy on The Biggest Loser pound out chicken breast flat. I had the great idea to try it and cook the chicken on my George Foreman grill. It would have been good if I hadn't put too much seasoning on it. The seasoning contained a lot of salt and I ruined the chicken. My neighbor had grilled using the seasoning and I just loved it. Well, I now know how much to use next time. We couldn't even eat it. I tried to wash it off but that didn't help. Oh well, lesson learned. So when dinner is a flop.....go get ice cream right???? We were headed to get ice cream but wanted to stop and look for golf balls first. We went back to the little honey hole I had found and we went a little further in the woods and found the mother load. Jax was so excited he could hardly stand it. Luckily he was wearing boots because he got buried up in the mud and couldn't get out. He got a little scared and yelled for me to help him. He told me to hurry and get him out of the quick sand. Anyway, we all filled our pockets and the bag Jax brought but had to leave a lot of balls behind. Chris had so many balls in his cargo shorts that he had to hold them up. And don't you worry, we WILL be going back for more soon. We were all covered in mud so we had to go home without going and getting ice cream. Probably a good thing, I don't need the calories anyway. We got the magic erasers out and cleaned all the balls. I counted them and we found about 116. Not bad!!!!! So this is what we do for family entertainment. So fun!

Jax and I are still going round and round about the 100 day of school party. He still says he is not going. He says he is not singing. I have no idea about the singing and I have an email in to his teacher about it. He is very, very adamant about not going though. I hope to know soon what is going on.

Today was a HUGE milestone for Brooks. He now can pull Jax's bow back and he was beyond excited. He is definitely going to be a big time hunter.

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