Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Days

I now have a child on a schedule, so I can tell you what day it is now. I still don't like it that I have to take him and leave him at school every day, but we are getting used to it. I am having issues with my children growing up. I know every age has its cherished moments, but if I could stop time I would. Brooks just completely bathed himself. I about cried. He is too big. Well, we all know time flies, nothing new. So Jax is doing great in school. He was very bored last week, but I think they are doing more things this year. I finally am getting some feedback from his teacher. She sends a binder home everyday that we must initial and send back. He has been getting great reports so far. She said he is very good and very smart. I hope so. I do know he has my sense of direction and can barely find his classroom. Tomorrow I am dropping him off at the door, and he is going to have to find his way. There are plenty of teachers in the hall to help. It is so cute to hear his friends yell his name when he gets there in the mornings. He has a friend name Drake, imagine that. You know his daddy is most likely a duck hunter.

On a different subject...we are still hunting golf balls. We went on the golf course just before dark and found 38 golf balls. It is so much fun. I am a little skittish now since my neighbor saw a rattlesnake on the trail the other day.

One more thing....Go McCain/Palin..... As far as I am concerned - Sarah Palin for President. I am kind of kidding, kind of. Really I don't know much about her other than what I heard last night, but she impressed me. Anyway, gotta watch the rest of McCain's speech.

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