Saturday, July 5, 2008

Empty Nest

Yesterday we drove the kids all the way to Durant, Oklahoma. Sherry met us there and took the kids home with her. We were so sad to see them go. They didn't feel the same though. They are having fun with Grandpa and Nana. As we headed back home, the thing that kept us going was the Krispy Kreme we had passed. We were on a mission for a Krispy Kreme. For some reason most all of the locations have closed. There isn't a single location anywhere near us, that we know of. Anyway, we fought a little about how many to get. I said if we get a dozen, we will eat a dozen. If we get half dozen, we will only eat 6. Chris finally gave in and agreed to 6. He ordered us 6, and the guy said for 16 cents I can make it a full dozen. Nice, you know I like a bargain, so of course, we got a dozen. After our breakfast this morning, they are all gone. They were so good, but I guess I will be doing a little extra exercise today.

So, it is extra quiet here. We miss the boys. It is nice to have a break though. We are going to go check out some of the restaurants we have been hearing about, and play a little golf. We are just going to try and have a little down time until we leave Tuesday afternoon. (Maybe Wednesday, not sure)

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