Friday, July 18, 2008

Corpus Christi / Padre Island

We are home from our little trip. Chris had to go to the Academy store in Corpus Christi to train the guys in their new bow room. He wanted us to go with him, so we did. We left Wednesday and got home a little while ago. We had a lot of fun. I took the boys to the aquarium Thursday and they really enjoyed it. Today we went to Mustang Island. It was okay. There was a lot of stinky seaweed, and I mean a lot. It was the ocean though, so it was fun. We were entertained by the fisherman. For all of you who know me too well, and are wondering about my sense of direction......I have a GPS on my cell phone. IT IS PRICELESS!!!!! I can go anywhere with a lady telling me every turn to make. GPS=Driving for dummies.

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