Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emergency Care!!!!!

We had out first emergency care visit this evening. I am going to try to make a long story short. The boys wanted to go fishing. We got our stuff and headed to the pond. Just the three of us. Chris is with a couple guys from work and he will be home tonight. We got all settled on the bank and begin to fish. Jax scoots away from us so he can cast all the way across the lake. About five minutes later I hear him scream. I look over and he has hooked the back of his head. I go to check it out and whoa two hooks are about a half inch in his scalp. Neither one of us panic. He asked me if I can just pull it out. I told him, "no we were going to have to go to the doctor." Then he started crying and telling me that he loved me. It was so pitiful. Blood was running down his neck. We went in the house and I tried to pull up the website to find out where my insurance was accepted, but the website was not working right. I finally got the names of 2 clinics, I knew how to find, and that would accept my insurance. I tried and tried to get ahold of Chris, but he had no service. We hopped in the car and took off. Everyone was still really calm. Jax was just worried about what they were going to use to remove it. I got to the first place, checked in, and waited about 15 minutes for our turn. The nurse practitioner (?) came and got us and said he might need stitches and she didn't have suturing equipment. Great, we got in the car and headed to the clinic where we got our flu shots. Closed. I called my parents to help me look up the insurance website. My mom was having problems with the site too, so I said forget it and took him to the clinic by my house. They don't accept my insurance and I didn't really care at that point. On the way there Jax asked, "are we going to get this out of my head today because I cannot sleep with a lure in my head?" I couldn't help but laugh and that really made him mad. We got there and I had to explain to the receptionist my situation when she asked for my insurance card. Anyway, we were in immediately and had 4 people in the room. Jax was still calm and wanted to know if he could get a toy when we were done. The dr. asked what happened and he told her we went fishing and he caught his head. That was funny. Then they said they were going to have to make sure he was still. They wrapped him up in a sheet and laid him face down. He immediatly began crying and said his arms were hurting. They assured me that he was not hurting, he just wanted to be unwrapped. He was crying and told them his arms hurt worse than his head, but they ignored him. I guess I understand what they were thinking, but I know Jax and his arms were hurting. They numbed his head, cut off the lure, then pulled and pulled until they finally got the 2 barb parts out. He got one staple and then they let him up and after they unwrapped him he said "thank you" with quite a little attitude and I don't blame him. Other than the arm part they were really great and quick. Brooks was at the receptionist desk playing on her computer and writing pictures for Jax the whole time. It was funny because she kept saying Brook is so cute and funny. She thought his name was Brook because he kept writing it like that. He can write his name so well, but refuses to try to write the "s" because it is way too hard he thinks. So anyway, we were only in the clinic about 20 minutes, and that was a blessing. The bad news was it cost me $560.00, and that was discounted (I guess they felt sorry for us) from $800.00. I am glad it is over, I cannot stand to see my kids scared or hurting. Chris was so upset that he wasn't here for Jax, but maybe it was for the best. Jax said he still wants to go fishing even though he told me he was never fishing again when we were heading to the doctor. Tonight I heard Jax and Brooks talking in their bedroom and I love listening to them talk to each other. Jax said, "I am sure glad we got that lure out of my head." Brooks said, "because it hurt so bad?" Jax said, "because I don't want to live with a lure in my head." I will never forget that. It was too cute. I couldn't help but take a picture while we were in the first waiting room. I knew we would want one when it was all over.

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