Saturday, May 31, 2008

The good outweighs the bad

I'll give you the details of what what has been going on with us with the bad first......

  1. Chris' transmission is failing. Ted drove it to work today. Hopefully a not too pricey report will come later today.
  2. I spent $347.00 at HEB yesterday. We were out of EVERYTHING.
  3. I quit my new diet a day and a half in. I couldn't do it. My mom and dad came to visit and my mom had lost 16 pounds in a couple of months with no exercise. She looks great and I want to lose 15 pounds, so I tried it. Can't do it. The first few days are no carbohydrates and no caffeine. None. Meat and eggs only. Cannot do it. I was getting cranky. I can diet and exercise but I cannot do that. I don't really like meat that much, and my body needs carbs. I do know I don't need caffeine. I didn't consume that much but when I did drink a soda I felt like I was having a panic attack. So.........I am off of caffeine. Not carbs though, and I feel great. I am going to kick it in gear and shed a few pounds though.
  4. David Archuletta didn't win American Idol. (He is a winner though)

Now for the good news..........

  1. Both of my kids can swim. Brooks is a natural. No kidding. Last week he wanted me to stand in the deeper water and he said he was going to swim to me. I said okay. He jumped in and swam to me. Then he wanted to swim to the side. I let him. He made it. All underwater. I was amazed. The rest of the day he was doing that, and didn't want me to give him a push to the wall. I was so shocked that I didn't want to tell Chris until we went back again just to make sure he could do it again. The next day he was jumping in and swimming to the edge himself. Chris couldn't believe it either. He is now swimming all the way across the pool. It is a little lesson on fear. Brooks had no fear and was swimming within minutes of trying. Fear holds us back. I am going to attach 2 videos of them swimming. I hope you can view them. (okay, they turned out blurry. Sorry, they were taken on my cell phone. The first one was Jax and the second Brooks.)
  2. We got our invite, and it looks like we will be ringing in 2009 in Cancun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I had carbohydrates for breakfast!!!!!
  4. The pool is open for the summer.

I think that wraps up our week. Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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