Saturday, May 10, 2008


Man, have we gotten a lot accomplished during the last couple of days. Today we spent most of the day working in the garage. We hung a bunch of shelves all down one side of the wall of our 3rd car garage. It looks so much better. Chris is real happy about it too. The garage is kind of his territory. He usually straightens it all up, then goes out of town and comes home and it is a mess again. It is just amazing how much CRAP we have. We thought we consolidated before we moved, but we still have so much stuff. Chris is always getting samples and they just pile up in the garage, but now they have a place on the shelf. He even wrote on them so we would know what is up high.

The boys are in bed and we are now resting, watching golf. I am going to try to get Grey's Anatomy started here in a minute. We are going to go to the 11:30 service tomorrow. Ivy, her mom, and maybe her sister are going to go too. Hopefully we will have a nice day of rest tomorrow, we need it.

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