Monday, August 27, 2007

Swimsuit success

Some of you may know, but for those of you that don't, Chris and I are going on an AWESOME vacation around New Years. He met his goal with GSM (one of the companies he sells for) and won the vacation everyone strives for. We are so excited. The guys that have gotten to go the last few years say it is the nicest vacation you will ever go on. Something like $14,800 per couple - I am so excited!!!! With that said, I got to thinking...... if I don't get new clothes and swimsuits now I am not going to get them. You can't buy a sundress in December. Everything is on clearance right now. I read the paper yesterday and Dillards had 30% off all of their already 50% off merchandise. I told Chris I had to go shopping, and hold on to yourself, he volunteered to take the kids and go with me. I checked him for fever and off we went. Yes, we took the kids and it was a little crazy. I tried on swimwsuits for about an hour or two. I found 2 that I love, and got a whopper of a deal. We all know I like a bargain!!! It was nice having him there to help me. (Thanks again Sugar!!!!)

As an update on yesterday, We did get the garage cleaned out. We have more work to do today inside. My mom and dad are coming Wednesday and we have to clean a bit. We are excited to see them. They haven't gotten to see our new house yet.

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