Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Post

Well here is my very first post!!!! This is my best attempt at keeping in touch with all of you. I thought it would be fun for everyone (especially the grandparents) to get to see what we are up to. I am going to give it my best shot at keeping it current.

Yesterday was Jax's 5th birthday - I cannot believe my baby is 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had a good day. Chris took the boys to play frisby golf while I made spaghetti, bread and brownies. That is the dinner Jax requested. Earlier in the day Chris took them to Academy for Jax to pick out the soft air gun he wanted. He held on to it all day. At dinner he sat on it while he ate. It was so funny because Aunt Mandy called during dinner to wish him a Happy Birthday and before she could ask what he got for his birthday he told her he had "a big gun between his legs." Chris and I nearly spit spaghetti across the room. We couldn't quit laughing.
I am going to stop for now to make sure I am doing this blog thing right. I will be back tomorrow hopefully with more info.


Tina said...

The pix are to cute. Your boys have grown so much. Good luck on your new home.

Sherry Corbin said...

Thank you for doing this for us. This is the first birthday that we have missed of either of the boys. We missed them and you and Chris very much. Give the boys a kiss and hug from us.
Love, Nana and Grandpa

mplunkett said...

The boys are so cute. Elise will be 5 tomorrow. It seems like yesterday that we were sitting at the hospital together with Jax and Elise.

Amanda said...

I love the blog! I am so glad that we will be able to keep up with you guys! Tell the boys that Gabby says Hi!

Stacy Carter said...

Love your blog! I am so glad you did this. We miss you guys so much!


Anonymous said...

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