Thursday, April 5, 2012

Say Hello to "Clementine"

Isn't she a beauty?
She is the first new car that I have ever bought myself. I have wanted one for more than four years! I kept going back and forth.....would it be big enough, should I spend the money, the reviews say they have no power when lifted, will I like it and on and on. So I kept saving my money and waiting. The time just never felt right. Boy, am I glad I waited. I love this color that is new for 2012, and they have an all new engine with a third more horsepower than the older ones.

I special ordered exactly what I wanted in November.
It finally arrived in January. It was a long, long wait!

After MUCH research and shopping, Chris and I came to an agreement on all of the modifications. We spent hours reading about tires and bumpers. It was exhausting. Who knew there were so many choices. I am 100% happy with it though. I like everything about it! It is so fun!! It is so me!! The boys really like it too, especially the big one!
Here she is before, what a difference!!!


Mom2Three said...

I LOVE it!!! I test drove one last year, so fun!!! But with 3 kids I decided not too! :( And it is so YOU!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, I love it too!! It would be a little snug with 3 kids.