Sunday, November 21, 2010

Special Thanks!!!

Thanks to Sherry, Papa Don and Grandma Ann for coming and taking care of the boys and Camo while we went to Nashville for a couple of days. We had a WONDERFUL time. Getting to go to the CMA's was a real treat! Bev took some pictures of us, and I have been putting off this post in hopes that she would have time to send them to me. I haven't gotten them yet, so you will have to settle for the Blackberry pic taken by the security guard.

I think everyone got there fill of smores that week!!!

No squirrel is safe in our yard. They started with bb guns, then bows and now they are setting traps. Anybody know how fast squirrels reproduce??? Fast I hope!

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Stacy Carter said...

We have got to find time to come see your new place! I know my boys would love it there!