Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I put Carrie Underwood's new song on the post below this one. I cry every time I hear it. When you have kids all you want is for them to be happy. So many people have unhappy marriages or are divorced. I know that it is a huge blessing to my parents to know that their daughter is loved, cherished and in love with her husband.

Chris is an amazing husband and wonderful father. He totally loves me! About a month ago, we were shooting bows in the back yard. One of my arrows was REALLY stuck in the target and I couldn't get it out. Chris told me to put my butt into it. So I acted silly and threw my hip into it, while I was turned around backwards (really stupid) and knocked the target over at the same time I was pulling. It turned the arrow up and toward my eye. I came within about a half inch of poking my eye out. Seriously. It was a good lesson for the boys to see. But the whole point of this is, I was crying and holding an ice pack on my eye and I asked him if he would still love me if I only had one eye. He said, " I would still love you if you didn't have either eye." I thought that was so sweet, and he really meant it. He loves me chubby or not, made up or just out of bed, bitchy or sweet, and that is a wonderful feeling! A wonderfully secure feeling! I am thankful that my boys have him as an example.

Today is my parents anniversary. So what better day to publish this song that makes me think of them. Despite their differences and their ups and downs (that we all have) they are still married and still love each other, and that is a huge blessing to me and my brother. I know our marriages are a blessing to them as well. So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, we love you!

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