Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!!!

We had a great Valentine's Day! We packed an overnight bag and went to Billy and Amy's house. They have the two boys that are the same ages as Jax and Brooks. The one's that we go to the ranch with. Our boys are like peas in a pod. They were all so anxious to get together. When we got there, Ty and Brooks hugged and squeezed each other. It was so cute. So Billy and Amy had hired a babysitter for the day and evening and we got the tickets. We drove to San Antonio to go to the rodeo and then Blake Shelton performed after! It was great! Miranda came out and sang "Home" with him and that was cool! We drove back to their house and stayed the night, they live an hour from us. Really, their boys wanted us to stay so we had planned for that. As usual, no pictures! We did take one picture at the concert and apparently Chris' blackberry takes blurry, horrible pictures. Too bad and fuzzy to post! It was a good time though and nice to spend a day holding hands with my valentine. And speaking of my valentine........I am so blessed! I can truly say that I love him more every year! He is my one and only and I would so marry him all over again!!! And if I was getting married I would definitely play this song at my wedding, I might play it twice, just like I do in my car. It is so good! Yes, I am hitting you with another new Lady Antebellum song. Listen to it, I dare you, then play it for your valentine like I did ten times yesterday!!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

So glad you guys had fun. I listened to your song. I am not a big country fan, but that really is such a sweet song. I can understand the words, and nothing about a bar, tractor, or truck. . . so I like it.