Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little Helper

Brooks really likes to help in the kitchen! They both really do, but Jax was still at school. Dinner comes early at our house, especially on baseball nights. Yesterday we had an extra yummy dinner. We cooked a T-bone, fillet, salad, corn, noodles, and fresh baked bread. Yum. Brooks and I first started on the salad. We put a lot of stuff in our salad. He cut pickles then carrots then cucumbers. Then he told me to go sit down and read a magazine and he would do the rest. I about fell over. It was hilarious. Funny thing is that he would try to finish dinner all by himself. Imagine that mess!!!

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Stacy Carter said...

He is so funny! He looks like Jax in this picture! I never thought they looked alike before.