Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's catch up!

My last post was mostly about packing up to go to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. We had a little change of plans. My Grandmother, my Mom's mom, passed away late the night before we left. So we drove to Arkansas stayed a day and a half and then drove to Illinois. We got there about the same time my Mom, Dad, Jeff, Jami, Luke and Lane got there from Florida. All 10 of us in a small house with one bathroom! It went remarkably well. Anyway, my Grandmother had had a pretty rough 3 months. Toe amputated, broken hip, and then leg amputated and even at 89 she was in rehab and was determined to go home. Something changed and she just gave up. She was tired but is now no longer in pain. We all consider that a blessing. It is also a blessing everyone was able to be there. I am so thankful Chris didn't have anything going and we could just up and leave. It is tough losing a loved one and I am so proud of my Mom, she is awesome!!!!!! My Grandmother was a wonderful woman that will be missed. It still hasn't sunk in that she is gone.

So we are home and back in the swing of things. For some reason it seemed to take awhile to get back in the groove. We are good now and looking forward to the weekend!

Today I took Brooks and we worked at Jax's school all day. It was a good day. Jax had a grin from ear to ear every time he saw us. I really tried to stay away from his classroom because I felt like I was disrupting the class. Jax and Ivy couldn't focus. Anyway, while we were there we ate lunch with Jax. The cafeteria has one whole wall of windows to the outside and it was SNOWING!!! Yes, SNOWING!!! The kids were out of control. During Jax's lunch there are also 4th and 5th graders eating. They couldn't get them to settle down and eat. It was so funny. Not to mention how a lot of people around here are freaking out. The office was full of people checking out their kids early. Seriously, it was very little snow and none of it stuck. We may be getting more but I doubt it will be very much. This is two years in a row for snow around here!

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