Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today Brooks came home from school with a huge chocolate bar in his backpack. He said he was the only one in his class that got one. He said he got it because he was so good. I wonder what the real story is? I will have to check on that tomorrow! I will get back with you! Jax had a Veteran's Day Parade at school today and my sweet neighbor Pam took his picture and sent it to me. I didn't go because I have been cleaning non-stop!!!!

I am exhausted!! When Chris is gone I get into project mode. I guess that is the way I pass the time. I started deep cleaning and didn't know where to stop. I am so glad that he will be home tomorrow! This trip has really bothered me. Usually he is gone and I just count down the days until he comes home but something about him being like 6000 miles away is just getting to me. I will be just fine if he never goes to China again, and I think he will be too!!

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