Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tonight we had a parents only meeting and the High School where Brooks is about to start Preschool. For those that don't know, Brooks will start going to Preschool T,W,TH 8:30-11:45. He will be taught by high school students who are wanting a career in Early Childhood Education. It is an incredible program with an AWESOME director. She is a friend of my friend Donna. She has a long career with Preschool and had to "accept" the students/teachers into this program. Tonight as we signed in, all of the students hovered around and squealed when they found the parent of their "bonding buddy." Apparently, each student/teacher is paired with 2 kids for the entire year as kind of their best friend. We all turned in pictures of our child with out paperwork so they already know all of the kids names. They have all been through CPR and first aid. It is a real licensed preschool. Brooks is excited and Jax is ticked that he will be getting to go to the High School. He doesn't think that is fair. I am excited because it is right by the elementary school, it is short (I don't want him to have to go too long), and rain or shine, husband or no husband, I get 9 hours a week to do whatever I need/want to!!!!

Meet the teacher is Thursday and school starts the following Tuesday.

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Tonia Hobbs said...

That is a really neat idea. I have never heard of that type of set up. But I am sure the "young & new" girls would be so much fun for the kids!