Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finally Saturday!!!

Well, it is the weekend and I hope to have a relaxing day. But first I will tell you what we have been up to! I have not been chasing a dog around 24/7 because we took him back. I know, how horrible! It was a family decision that everyone agreed upon! We talked to the boys and they said it was okay. Then, the next day Jax cried and cried. Who would of thought! Brooks never mentioned it again but Jax asked for 3 days if we could go get him back. It broke our hearts but we couldn't go get him back, I just couldn't do it. I could give you a hundred reasons why but I will respect your time and just say I am not an inside dog kind of girl (and neither is Chris). So it has been a few days and we are over the hump and no one is asking or talking about the dog.

Jax has been loving riding the school bus but doesn't like sitting all day in school. I understand but I think it is okay and he really likes his teacher.

I have been cleaning constantly. We have had several showings in the last couple of weeks. Actually had a couple who wanted to know if we would lease to own.......well NO!!!! Just praying that this house will sell and we can move and get settled somewhere else!

I did some neighbors hair this week too!! Kind of fun for me!! I miss my job (a little)!

There have been some major changes with Chris' company so that has kept him busy and on the phone a lot!! The changes are good but just causing some extra work for now.

I have started trying to teach Brooks the things he needs to know for Kindergarten next year. Geesh, I have my work cut out for me. He is so smart just not really interested. I am working on it though, praising him is helping! By the way, don't know if I wrote about it but he wants to go to Kindergarten now. He asked Jax to ask Mrs. Thompson if he can come right now. Uh, no, I get one more year with him. Guess he will be ready when the time comes next year. I won't be ready, I will cry all week. Oh well, you can't stop time.

So we are going to just hang out and play today and hang out with neighbors tonight for the fireworks show. Our neighborhood had to postpone the 4th of July show because of a fire down the street. So looking forward to that.

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