Friday, June 20, 2008


We are always looking for something to entertain us around here. Boy have we found it. We hunt for golf balls like they are Easter eggs. Our neighborhood borders another large neighborhood with a golf course. Part of the holes border our neighborhood. We go look for lost balls everyday. Fun, Fun. We have found soooooooo many balls. Cheap entertainment and weirdly fun for even me.

On another note, I am taking care of my neighbor's (Pat) dog. She went to New York for 4 days and was so upset about leaving her dog. I mean she would cry every time we talked about it. You would not believe what I have to do to take care of this dog, but I do want to help so she can relax and have a good trip. She wouldn't let me do it unless she paid me. She gave me 300.00 for 4 days. I really didn't want her to pay me but she made me take it. I need a gig like that every week.

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