Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gas Crisis

Okay, we had already spent the day test driving several different cars. With the gas prices the way they are, we have been considering a car for some time. Who needs two SUV's anyway. We are not in any hurry to make a change, but thought we should start looking so we would know what we want. It was fun. I think for my everyday driving I would enjoy whipping around in a car. After we did that, we had a late lunch and ate way too much. We had fried cheese, fried pickles and fried catfish. Chris and I had slightly upset stomachs all afternoon because of too much fried food. We are not used to eating that. It was so good though. So the kicker was this evening Chris started mowing the lawn and ran out of gas. We needed milk and a couple of other things, so I volunteered to go get it. I got my groceries and checked out. I got a 10.00 gift card for gas, thinking that would get my can full. I got to the pump, started filling my gas can, and just as the pump was going fast it shut right back down. I was already at 10.00. I just had to laugh, out loud. I got like 2.5 gallons. My can was barely half full. Unbelievable. I know I am not letting you all in on a secret, you already know that gas prices stink!!!!! There is nothing we can do about it.

FYI, we found 15 more golf balls today. Fun, Fun.

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