Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Packing UP

I am trying to get motivated to get packed to go to Arkansas in the morning. I need to get that done. Chris and I are going to the Faith Hill concert tonight, so time is ticking. I am so excited though. I hope Tim comes out and sings a little with her. He performed last night so maybe we will get to see him too.

We have had out first broken window incident. Jax threw a little too high and Chris couldn't get it. It was a sound I don't ever want to hear again. I was cooking and heard it, and knew exactly what had happened. I was proud of Chris, he didn't get mad. He told Jax it was his fault and that it was just an accident. Luckily, Austin thinks he can get it fixed for free. Sounds good to me!!!

We had a block party the other night and it was so fun. Alot of our neighbors came out to socialize. We really had a good time. The kids played so well together.

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