Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Seriously, it snowed here. Everyone around here was in complete shock. Some were excited, Chris and my friend Heather, and some of us were mad we couldn't go and slip on a pair of flip flops. Just kidding, it was fun but I don't care for anymore this year. I wanted to take a picture of the snow on my palm trees but my camera battery was dead and the picture on my phone didn't turn out so good.

I thought I better try and fill you all in on what we have been up to. I know I didn't put much effort in my last 2 posts, but they were good ones. So, anyway we have been so busy. Doing what??? I am not sure, uh Christmas shopping, gymnastics, Christmas shopping, cleaning, selling Chris' samples on ebay, laundry, beauty shop, raising other peoples children, exercising every day, and that is all I can think of right now.

I have to tell a funny story on Brooks. It seems like everyday I am entertained by both of my children, but this story is so typical. Kids have no concept of money, especially a 4 year old. So, Brooks and I went to Best Buy to get some gift cards and we looked a little bit at the Wii stuff. He found a hunting game that he wanted REALLY bad. He was hugging it saying he just couldn't let it go. I tried to tell him he had to let it go but he wouldn't. He tried everything to get me to buy it, but I stayed strong. I told him Christmas was close and maybe he would get it then. He just couldn't put it down. I explained to him about the security up in the front of the store and what would happen if we tried to leave without paying for it. He pouted all the way to the car and told me he was so mad at me. He said, "all you have to do is give them your devit card." Yes, he called it my devit card! I couldn't help but laugh, but he was really, really mad at me. He will be so excited when he opens it up. He talks about that game every day.

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